Teak wood has the scientific name of Tectona grandis. On the first day of setting foot in Vietnam, Teak was named after the French sound “teck” by the growers. After that, it gradually got more names and butts (because Teak wood is used to make gun stock).

+ Teak is a deciduous tree, the base is often grooved and has a stem. 30 m high, 60–80 cm in diameter. Outer bark yellowish-gray, longitudinally cracked into small, long and narrow scales, fibrous flesh. Young branches covered with star-shaped hairs, rust color. Leaves oval, inverted ovate or nearly circular. The inflorescence is large, club-shaped, consisting of three-branched cymes, opposite.

+ Teak wood is dark yellow, or grayish brown. Round five roots receive, late wood is sparse, smaller than early wood. Small rays, low density. Medium weight wood, density 0.7. Tensile force 32 kg/cm², compressive force 471 kg/cm², buckling 1,253 kg/cm².

Teak is a precious wood. Teak wood has a very beautiful grain, good texture, large but smooth grain, no warping, cracking, no termites, wood fungus. In addition, Teak is flexible, easy to bend, highly resistant, so it is used to close tables, chairs and cabinets. Teak is a wood capable of withstanding changes in weather and the harshest environments that no other wood can match. Therefore, Teak wood is used to make high-value products such as selling guns, building yachts, making sleepers for railway tracks.

Teak wood has been used as a material in the construction industry for more than 150 years. Teak wood is purchased by many places. The world market also needs a lot of Teak. Because Teak wood has a lot of Teak oil, the more Teak products are used, the shinier and better they are.


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