Dry sawn oak chipboard

Dry sawn oak chipboard

Oak wood is imported from European countries. Furniture made from Oak always gives the feeling of a harmonious interior space with natural light, cozy, youthful and modern. Wood has 2 main types: White and Red

Advantages of oak wood:

· High hardness, heavy, good bearing capacity, easy to bend by steam, good grip on nails and screws.

· Beautiful oak surface with light sapwood grain

· Can stain wood before polishing for a wide choice of colors.

Oak wood is resistant to high humidity, less warping and cracking in dry environments.

Disadvantages of Oak

Oak wood has many black eyes (dead eyes), so choosing wood is quite time consuming and more wasteful than other types of wood.

Because of its hardness and low porosity, wood drying and processing is quite complicated and takes a long time.

· The surface and wood grain structure is quite rough, so the surface treatment before construction is more complicated.

– Application: oak wood is used for high-grade doors, kitchen cabinets, dining tables and chairs, living room, making stationware, boat building, crate packing…


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