Okal Malasia

Okal Malasia

Introduction: Particle Board (Okal – PARTICLE BOARD)

Our wood processing industry is being developed according to three main contents, which are mechanical processing, chemical processing and mechano-chemical processing, in which, woodchip production and processing is in the processing group. Mechanization and raw materials of chipboard products are wood types made from planted forest wood such as firewood, sawdust.

In addition, to produce wood chips, it is also possible to take advantage of some more waste such as bagasse from sugar factories. Nowadays, household carpentry products from wood chips have been used quite popularly and using wood chips is an effective solution for the lack of natural wood materials, protecting forest resources.

Is artificial wood produced from plantation wood materials (eucalyptus, acacia, rubber…), with high mechanical strength, wide surface size, rich in types. The surface of the board is covered with different decorative materials: melamine, veneer… Particle board is mainly used for interior decoration, home and office furniture production. Plywood is produced by the process of pressing wood chips mixed with glue, similar to MDF but the wood is milled into chips, so they are of lower quality than fiberboard.

Surface and edge coating technology satisfies many requirements in terms of shape and size, including two types of smooth particle board and MFC. Plain chipboard is a popular type on the market, when used it is usually covered with veneer, paint, or PU coating. With MFC products, both sides are covered with a layer of melamine to create beauty, prevent moisture and scratches.


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