HMR Malaysia

HMR Malaysia

Malaysian HMR (moisture resistant MDF) board is imported from Malaysia, a product of good wood grown in the country’s forests.
HMR moisture-proof board (HDF), also known as moisture-proof MDF, moisture-proof board, moisture-proof wood, moisture-proof HDF, HDF board. With the characteristic of not being moldy in humid conditions, our company’s HMR moisture-proof board products meet the most stringent product standards and high-end items, technical requirements along with high aesthetics in interior, exterior decoration and construction industry.


HMR moisture-proof board (HDF) is created according to the following process: wood pulp material is taken from the raw material of furniture production which is natural wood from monolithic plantations, boiled and dried in a high temperature environment, from 1000°C – 2000°C. Wood is treated without plastic and dried out of water with modern and fully industrialized processing lines. Wood is guaranteed high quality and fast processing time. The wood pulp is treated in combination with additives that increase the hardness of the wood, resist termites, then pressed under pressure and shaped into a HDF wood panel with dimensions of 1,220mm x 2,440mm, with a thickness of 1220mm x 2,440mm. from 3mm – 24mm depending on request.

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