AA glue stick plywood

AA glue stick plywood

Laminated wood, also known as plywood, is produced on advanced technology lines, modern equipment, wood is sawed, planed, milled, joined by serrated mortise linked with imported Finnish glue and treated wood. by wood modification technology before being put into production in order to increase the stability, durability, and minimize the deformation of wood before the climatic conditions in Vietnam.

Vacuum press machine used to join natural wood bars onto wooden surface with specialized glue according to European standards. This technology increases the aesthetics and ensures the durability of the product for a long time of use.. Wood, plywood: pine wood, oval wood, rubber wood, acacia wood, wood. cinnamon grafting, truffle wood… are widely used in the fields of furniture manufacturing, office furniture, school equipment, flooring, partitions, cabinets and many other products.


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