Ash Round Wood

Ash Round Wood

Ash wood, also known as Ash wood imported from the US and Europe, has a color from light to almost white, the heartwood has a variety of colors, from gray brown to light brown or light yellow. Wood usually has straight grain and uniform grain. Ash wood is light but very durable, tough, hard and strong.

Ash wood has good machine resistance, high screw, nail and glue adhesion, easy to color and polish. Ash is relatively easy to dry. Wood is less deformed when drying.

Ash has a very good overall bearing capacity and this capacity corresponds to the weight of the wood. The impact resistance of the ash is excellent, the wood is easily bent by steam.

Heartwood is not resistant to worms. The sapwood is susceptible to attack by common woodworms. The heartwood is relatively impervious to preservatives, but the sapwood can.
Ash wood is used for the manufacture of furniture, doors, cabinets, wood components as well as sports equipment and parts of working tools. Customers can polish the details to look luxurious or use paint and glue to finish depending on their preferences. Ash wood is easy to work with and easy to paint. The wood dries quickly and does not lose its value, and deforms very little.

You need raw sawn ash wood imported from the US, Europe, please contact us immediately for good wood prices, stable supply.


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