Ash wood turned into gas

Ash wood turned into gas

Ash wood has good machine resistance, high screw, nail and glue adhesion, easy to color and polish. Ash is relatively easy to dry. Wood is less deformed when drying.

With the characteristics of Ash wood, the product is suitable for the production of furniture, flooring, indoor doors, etc. Ash is characterized by not being picky about wood, the quality of wood inside and out is quite similar, so it can be applied to most details in interior processing at a low price in line with market demand while still ensuring the quality of the interior. high aesthetic value.

Ash wood is sawn and dried right at the factory with quality according to European standards, diverse specifications to meet the requirements of customers.

Humidity: 13% – 15%
Thickness: 2cm, 2.2cm, 2.5cm, 3cm, 4cm, 6cm, as required
Width: from 12cm or more
Specification: edge and not edge
Origin: Europe, USA

The company accepts sawing and drying into ash wood according to customer requirements


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