Oak wood

Oak wood

Red Oak – Scientific name: Quercus spp.

The color, surface, characteristics and characteristics of Red Oak can vary depending on the region where the wood is grown. Basically Red Oak is similar to White Oak.

The sapwood is white to light brown, the heartwood is reddish brown. The wood has less prominent pattern spots because of the smaller rays. Most of the wood grain is straight, the surface is rough.

Application features:

Wood has good machine resistance, good grip on screws and nails even though it has to be drilled before driving nails and screws. Wood can be stained and polished to a fine finish. The wood dries slowly, with a tendency to crack and warp when dried. Large shrinkage and easy to deform when dry.

Physical characteristics:

Hard and heavy wood, with moderate torsional bending strength, high compressive strength. Easy to bend with steam.


No or little resistance to decay in the heartwood. Relatively easy to handle with preservatives.

Main uses:

Furniture, flooring, interior architectural materials, interior trim and trim, doors, kitchen cabinets, paneling, coffins and jewelry boxes.

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