Cherry Wood Into Air

Cherry Wood Into Air

Gaseous Cherry Wood

Cherry wood is easy to cut by machine, with good nail and glue adhesion. After sanding, staining and polishing, the finished wood becomes exceptionally beautiful. The wood dries quite quickly, the shrinkage is relatively large, but it retains dimensional stability after drying. The quality, characteristics and price of the product are quite similar to that of Xoan Dao wood which is very popular in the domestic market.

But with the characteristic that the wood comes from the temperate zone, the cherry has a larger supply and size and has a higher stability after processing.

Currently, cherry wood is quite popular both at home and abroad. They are often used quite a lot in processing and manufacturing furniture according to export standards

Cherry wood is sawn and dried right at the factory with quality according to European standards, diverse specifications to meet the requirements of customers.

Humidity: 13% – 15%
Thickness: 2cm, 2.2cm, 2.5cm, 3cm, 4cm, 6cm, as required
Width: from 12cm or more
Specification: side-by-side
Standard: FAS, COM1, COM2, COM3
Origin: Europe, USA

The company receives sawn and dried into Anh Dao wood gas according to customer requirements


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