Cherry Wood

Cherry Wood

Cherry Wood (Cherry)
– General Description: Cherry Wood Throughout the eastern United States, Cherry Wood The color of the heartwood varies from dark red to reddish brown, turning darker in light. In contrast, the heartwood has a creamy white color, the grain is straight, even, and beautiful; smooth wood surface. Brown spots and small plastic bags can occur naturally in the gut.
– Characteristics:
+ Easy to cut by machine, good nail and glue adhesion. After sanding, staining and polishing, the finished wood becomes exceptionally beautiful. The wood dries quite quickly, the shrinkage is relatively large, but it retains dimensional stability after drying.
+ Medium wood density, good torsion strength, low stiffness, medium strength and impact resistance.
+ Classified as wood that is resistant to decay in the heartwood. The sapwood is susceptible to attack by common woodworms. Heartwood is relatively impervious to preservatives.
+ Used for making cabinets, high-grade wood carving, kitchen cabinets, decorative moldings, cladding boards, flooring, doors, boat furniture, musical instruments, turning wood and other wood.


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